About Solar Examples

We provide the most reliable, simple-to-understand, comprehensive, and valuable content on solar energy to help you make the best solar and renewable energy buying decisions. Our focus is on providing the best content for Nigerians.

Our Philosophy

Solar and other forms of renewable energy can help Nigerians and businesses in Nigeria reduce costs in power, enjoy uninterrupted power supply, and help the environment. Nigerians do not have the information needed to make the best solar and renewable energy decision and it’s our mission to provide them with all the information they need in the most simple-to-understand format.

Our Mision

To educate Nigerians on how solar and renewable energy sources work, how to make the best buying decisions, and how it can help them reduce their cost of power supply, increase power available, and improve the hygiene of their environment.

Our Vision

To consistently provide the most comprehensive, valuable, and useful information about solar and renewable energy sources and products for Nigerians.

Our Values

In addition to being trustworthy, our core values include:

  • Simplicity: We focus on simplicity in our content. Anyone can read our content, understand what we talk about, and take action.
  • Value-first: Our focus is providing value first for our readers, before anything else.
  • Correctness: We ensure we provide the most correct information, prices, and data in all our content.